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OMG!! Your book JUST JACK is one of THE MOST amazing books I've ever read. Captured my every emotion and feeling, it did. You're one of the great and amazing and inspiring writers on wattpad. Every chapter had my every nerve and artery hooked. I really hope you achieve much much more success and support from all over the world for your wonderful stories. :DD


Hello there! Gosh I don't even know if you're going to answer this or not but its worth a try. You may have answered this already, but I don't know. 
          Okay anyways, I was wondering if you are ever going to publish JustJack into a physical book. Because I love the book so much and it'd be amazing to have it in book form. It would honestly make me so happy to have it on my bookshelf with many other books I own. I also want to say how much of an amazing writer you are and how much your book JustJack has made me cry. I've rambled on long enough so I'm just going to leave it at that. :)


*jumps up and down* I LUV UR BOOK 'JUST JACK' 
          it's every chapter has such amazing teachings (I dnt wanna call em teachings.....makes it sound like lecture......lecture make me sleep....HELL I CANT EVEN FIND THE RYT WORD!) bloody hell!!! ur one of my fav authors!!!! 


Thank you so much!!! Aghhh those are perfect words don't worry 


UPDATE: I have FINALLY completed my first draft of Transcendence! I have handed it over for edits, etc. Will keep you updated on that. In the mean-time, I'm working on two things right now. (1) a new romance novel I will be writing with an established writer - more news to come on that, and (2) I really feel like, to have closure to the Just Jack era, I need to see it in paperback form, sitting on my shelf. So I'm going to do some MAJOR editing of the Just Jack Amazon Version, and use CreateSpace to publish it, via Amazon, in paperback! 
          Thank you for your continued support even though I haven't uploaded in so long. You guys are so positive and really inspire me to continue. Much love!