Hello possibly normal people on the internet! Scarlet's my Wattpad name, I'm not planning on revealing any of personal information yet but just a few hints, I don't think I'm ready to get bombarded by questions about my story/stories by my real friends or people who think they are just by seeing me everyday *cough* CLASSMATES *cough*. I'm currently in a paradox of an existential crisis and questioning myself whether I'm plainly normal or crazy unique because it's so hard to choose! ;-; I'm also doing my best  in not doing anything more stupid and losing my sanity over very annoying people.

I'm a proud female Scorpio, and if you instantly want to get to almost instantly get to know me, just Google "Scorpio facts" and 99% of the shit is true, the 1% is uncertainty of me being practically a sex god in the zodiac sign circle...

I'm still a virgin of course; how the hell do you expect me to know if that's true!?

If you happen to get past my cold exterior, you will be my best friend for life and I will do all that I can to be a good friend to you, I become warm and crazy... Same goes if I have a crush. In a childish-like way, I'm pretty damn random. But if you make my trust in you waver, it's hard for me to forget that it did. I'm very loyal to my friends circle, so if you betray me, or let me find out you're just a plastic bitch...

Run while you still can, because I'm not letting you go when I catch you until I'm satisfied after I torture you physically, verbally and drive you insane like hell surfaced to Earth especially for you.

I become an extreme sadist when the time comes, so... •~•'

.... P.S: I am NOT trying to imitate a cool anime character, this was already me BEFORE the anime awesomeness.

Well anyway, welcome to my random world of anime, games and books! If you want to keep your sanity, don't stay long. Here have a cookie, cookies and cream ice cream, a nutella jar and lemon bars :3
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I wonder if anyone even reads this.Hey. Yes, I didn't reupload any of my stories. I suck, trust me. I know. That's what my brain has been drilling into me for years. You need not tell me please. Wel...
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