Dear Readers,
          	I already told you that I will try my best to update the chapters regularly. Unfortunately, there was an error in my COT lesson plan and I have to revise both *sob* I am so dead-tired since last Friday that I was not able to write a single chapter.
          	As much as I want to continue writing without missing an update, unfortunately, my mind can't take all the pressure and stuffs. I have to breathe. So, today, I went out on a date with my fellow co-teachers to forget the torture of our work. Heck. 
          	After contemplating for a bit, i decided to temporarily put the novel on hiatus FOR A WEEK, I repeat, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY AND NOT FOR A LIFETIME. LOLS. ONLY THIS WEEK FOR MY COT 1 AND 2 (CLASSROOM OBSERVATION FOR TEACHERS). I just want to ask forgiveness to my editor, Avi, for not telling her sooner. *Sob* sorry Avi! And to the readers who are waiting for my update.
          	I don't want to write a half-hearted novel, that for the sake of updating regularly, i will compromise with the quality of my story. Nope. not my style. Although the storyline is already fixed, I have to make sure that the scenes were written in a way that I want to, where you can't feel any boredom when reading every chapter.
          	So, I can only ask for your understanding. Since I decided to publish this story, I will definitely uphold my promise and finish XuanRong up to the end. Just give me some time to finish my COT preparations, guys. 
          	It was different with The Witch CEO because I am now busy with work. So please be patient..... And please don't kill me!
          	Love lots! 
          	Shameless Author,


@SayuriHyuuga Thank you so much Author for deciding to continue the novel. It's okay even if you take all your time to complete the it. I just hope that you are okay and if you are sick please tell us because some of us are worried about you. I have read your first novel, and I have to say that I am not usually into this stuff but you actually got me hooked. And now I have also made time to read your second novel. The second novel to me is just a masterpiece and it's one of the novels that got me addicted into reading. Seriously, you've improved a lot. I hope you could continue your novel to keep improving. Don't worry about anything else, you just have to know that some of us believe in you and are willing to understand you. If you're facing some problems please tell us because we are worrying about you like crazy.


@SayuriHyuuga Do you happen to have a kofi or paypal account we can donate to? I want to give you some money directly, instead of having it go through webnovel! :D


@SayuriHyuuga its totally okay. Take your time as i understand.  Good luck fighting!!!.  ❤ love from South east Nigeria  . 


Sweetie, it's been more than a year. I started reading the journey of Xuanrong along with you.. I read a lot of books after that but still couldn't forget the story. You are a great writer. Love your work and I still hope you will comeback.. We will wait for you... 
          Love you sweetie hope things work out good for you. ❤


I hope u are alright author.pls cime back i love ur story. One of the best novels to read...


Dear author I really love your stories. When you drop the novel here in wattpad I followed you to webnovel  pero bakit po wala ng update?? Are you alright po?? Ang ganda ng story  tho di maiiwasan daming demanding and toxic readers. But I hope you get back with your stories. Its really a master piece ‍♀️‍♀️❤


Hi @sayurihyuung 
          I wanted to let you know that I really love your novels! I am actually looking forward to some of the others you plan to write. I was just wondering if you are okay, and will continue to finish rebirth. I know you are very busy and your father was in the hospital before. Pleaee don't push yourself too hard, but I'll be happy with 1 chapter a week!