don't follow me if you actually really like hisoka, ship incest ships, ship a minor and adult together, ship REAL PEOPLE WITH OTHER REAL PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO BE SHIPPED, sexualize minors (fictional or not), fujoshis, pro-shippers. that's it, thanks. 
queer 🏳️‍🌈
any pronouns (I prefer they/them tho)
i watch a lot of anime and read manga.
im obsessed with jjba. ive been obsessed with it for months now. it's a problem i can't stop thinking about it
i just like music. i don't have a specific genre i like
aot - gabi stan, eren hater, hange and armin stan. i spoil the manga for people who deserve it.
i really like saiki k, wonder egg priority, sk8 the infinity, etc
and i like buzzfeed unsolved/ watcher
momento mori 🤍🖤
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SatanDidntSayChill SatanDidntSayChill Dec 15, 2020 10:20PM
I just know one of yall ship siblings together or family members together. unfollow me if you do. also please if any of yall still ship phan and any band ships unfollow me im done with yall 
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