Hi! My name is Santiago; I'm 19, from London, and a professional Chef! While I work at a 5-star establishment, I prefer writing a lot of the time, that is, if I solved my deep procrastination issues lmao

I'm building a community for people to write, listen to music, make friends, and relax in; Midsummer Vibes. (Inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream).

It's a Discord community that accepts everyone- apart from amazing roles, a special currency, contents, events, and much, much more.
With a dedicated staff and open positions, it's a writer's heaven.

We have both US and UK members!

I hope you come join me! Just head to https://discord.gg/2bZEfnR7gU !
  • London, UK
  • JoinedDecember 2, 2020