[So how are we doing this again?]
Omg Charmaine! We talked about this!
[Fine. Taking it in turns?]

[Heya! This is Admin. The names Charmaine, I don't really mind what nickname you give me as long as I'm okay with it. And this i-]
*Shoves Charmaine out the way*
HEY!! This is the wonderful [*scoffs*] CDS' Dom-Leader, Chara Fucking MacLeod!
[*cough cough* Soon to *nudge nudge* be Mikaelson *wink wink*]
[CORRECTION: Chara Mikaelson-MacLeod]
Such your ass up, Charm!
[Sorry *laughs* Moving on!]

[We're both 4'11]
Sadly enough. I'm like way way old too.
[And I'm just 15 and a measly human, who is able to control that bitch *Points at Chara*]
Shut up. I am a Basic Goddess & am part human, witch, demon and angel.
I will get Nik on you Charmaine...
[Rephrase that. Cuz that can be taken in a VERY different way.]
Oh lord, Charmaine *groans, facepalms*
[Don't be groaning my name. You're meant to be groaning Nik's name]
I am actually gonna kill you.
[I mean, I'm not wrong, am I? Btw, you two are very loud]
*Flushes red* Ffs!

[So, how's the Soon To Be Mikaelson??]
Charmaine, shut up.
[Fine, but you still need to decide, double barreling or not?]
Ffs! Leave me alone!
[At least try the dress!!!]
(Nora: Yeah!)
{Layla: It'll be funnn!}
I hate you guys.
[Whatever Chara Mikaelson-MacLeod or MacLeod-Mikaelson]
STAHP! But I do prefer Mikaelson-MacLeod
For. Fucks. Sake.
[Meh. You love it anyways, Chara Mikaelson-MacLeod]
No no. I love Nik.

'Fave' Person
[Nic's my fave]
Nik's my fave

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