thank you so much for 18k reads on the girl with the royal baby !! i can't believe people are still reading it <3 part two is out and is also almost at 1k reads <3<3


@SanguineStyles No problem, go celebrate!


hey! i posted a book called ‘Chosen’, it’s a supernatural!harry fanfic and i’d love if you’d check it out. if you aren’t interested then that’s completely fine, too. i hope you have a great day/night <3


i know i'm not active here anymore but my book got 10.1K reads and 1.56K votes and i'm so happy!!! thank you to everyone who read it ❤


For those of you who have read my FIRST book, the first chapter of it's SEQUEL is published! Go give it some love, and let me know if you like it :) ♡