Hey guy, how is everyone doing? I hope you are all keeping safe. So I want to apologize for being absent and slow on the updates for my unfinished book. I got a bit unexpectedly busy and I'm back with the online schooling. 
          	However, I haven't forgotten you guys so I will be back eventually. In the meantime,  I've got a new book called Loving Times More. It is a fantasy romance and I think you guys should check it out if you're interested to read something a little different from me. The thing is, this book is not on wattpad, you guys would have to read it on Anystories. You guys could download the app from the app store then search the book in discovered or use this link-
          	If you do decide to give it a chance, feel free to leave a comment or review and let me know what you think so far. Thanks in advance, and I'll be back soon.


Hello.... I love reading ur mafia series.... Splly gio n lexis... Loved the characters... 


Hi,I really love your book's THE MAFIA SERIES 
          So glad I came across Daddy's Little Assassin❤❤❤


Hi my name is vena.....I love all your story book especially the Mafia's series....I like to record all my fav stories like the if u don't mind..can u help me with that???


You make us Jamaicans proud with your books
          Do you have any pointers BTW I absolutely love your books


@Aries_QueenKiki thanks, I'm glad that I have support from fellow Jamaicans :)
            In regards to tips for writing, I would say use your imagination. Let it run wild, then gather every thought that comes to mind, make notes then try to put your thoughts into sequence. 


Though for the books before, mi lov di wuk yu a duh. Gyal, as a yaadie, yu mek mi feel proud. Yu book dem sweet like bammy an spicy like blue draws. Keep up the good work.


@JasonBarnes512 Why am I laughing so hard?


@JasonBarnes512  Oh my God dwl this is gold. Dis mek me laugh. But thanks alot though, I really appreciate it and glad u like dem.


The Maafia series was too good . I just really loved your book and looking forward to read more about it. N why you have kept Discover and Detain and physchotic lover so short  Anyway I enjoyed reading it 


@ForumChhapekar  hi I'm really glad that you enjoyed them. I'm all honesty I had no intention to do like spin offs from the main story but others wanted more so I did a short story for them. I'm like really busy half the time so this is what I'm able to put out so far.