we act like reality shows, maybe cause reality blows

hello,im an average SEA(southeast asian,not the literal sea,idiots)girl going through what you americans call high school, we call it secondary school cause we are a british colonial country(oh look history!) d.o.b is 21 june, ive given up trying to know if im a gemini or cancer.i am an awesome multitasker, right now im watching 7 american sitcoms, 6 animes at the same time and have over 60 wattpad books to read.i have a love hate relationship with wattpad, some authors are really too good for words, but they get me so damn distracted and i think im not going to do well in my o levels.(o well)

fandoms cos you need to know
-twenty øne Pilots #cliqueisgoingtojailparty)
-p!atd (beebo)
-himym(major buzzkill)
-sherlock(detective and blogger)
-shadowhunters(bks and show)
-SoC (wesper is just so pure i fucking can't-)
-try guys(eugene is my queen)
-dan and phil(coop?doop.)
-modern family(sitcoms will be the ultimate death of me)
-malec/shumdario(my heart BEATS IN
-TGGTVAV(monty is my mood)
-BSD(ill do a double suicide with you dazai)
-Hamilton (eliza hamilton is my role model)

if you actually read this far you love me :)

She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee,like every girl in history.

she/her 🥰🏳️‍🌈
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