Hi Everyone 😊

Hi! My name is Jay and I love to read! Very easy to talk to and if not, vent to 😊 everyone is welcome (even if there is a language barrier, will try to communicate with you any way I can)
You can reach me on most current platforms:

Instagram: sagitsgem
Facebook: Jay Wells

Since getting on Wattpad, most of what I have read are BL stories (honestly, I am just open for many of these since the pandemic and it is a refreshing change 😏😁) but if you have interesting characters as well as a "catch my attention plot", I'm there reading along 😁👍🏽

To My Authors:
I love your courage to post your imagination with fantasy and real life characters (those we wish were real and wish to idolize 😍) Please do not let any haters discourage you. If a hater leaves a negative comment, guess what? You have their attention, which is a good thing! Take every comment with a grain a salt because you are doing something they wish to have done.
If you are having writer's block, by all means TAKE A BREAK! Your brain cannot function with stress or other mental blockages. We as readers will understand your hiatus and will NOT rush for your hard works to be done.
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