To all my patient followers:
          	I apologize for my long absence. But you will be happy to know as my finals are almost done, I will soon be on Christmas break, which gives me more time to write. Expect and update this month for Into the Arena, and the epilogue for The Mating Tournament. Again, thank you for your support and comments, they mean the world to me. 


Just wanted you to know many people are still reading your stories and hoping to see them finished even after all this time.  You really made the characters come alive for us in a very real way ,and  we are following hoping to see updates and conclusions.  Thank you for sharing your talent with your readers.


I am so whipped with your stories and was stuck 'Into the Arena" please update it.I am in love with Chloe and Cooper:s story ,now Kaden and Paige made my heart thumped with excitement.


please update “into the arena” i was loving it and then it got to chapter 16 and i was devastated when it stopped!!


Dear Ryder3113, I love your books. It has a good plot and storyline but wish for it to have slightly more drama or plot twist to push it to the top. Hope you will update it soon. Thank you for spending your time to write this. ^_^