⌁☍ Potterhead forever ⌁☍ 
There's so much I wanna say but nahh...

🖤 I loved mysteries so much that I became one.

🖋️I'm a writer and experiences taught me that , if u want to be a good writer , you have to be the best perceiver first .

🔮 you see , everyone has a story but mine is a mystery , My brain is a whole universe of many untold stories.

🌍 My goal is to run out of pages in my passport cause it's hard to pick a place to go when you want to travel everywhere ✈️ .

🎨 I'm an artist and being an artist is the same as being a wizard ... Only instead of a wand I use a pencil and paint brush for my magic 🪄.

🖤 I love black and I'll love black until there is something much darker , ☠️ cause in darkness the Devil & I get along just fine *wohoo* .

🌌 I want a life full of adventure . Be brave. Be wild. And stay forever hungry for art , magic , and adventure 🏞️.

I'm an undying mystery. Even if I share pieces of my thoughts , you'll never be able to guess my next move because I do everything in silence *shushh* .

" I don't go looking for trouble , Trouble usually finds me ." (⌁☍ Harry Potter ⌁☍)
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