Hey, the name's RubixSphere10298. I'd let you call me Rubix, but my older sister has an account here and let's people call her Rubix. So you can just call me Sphere, or 10298 if you're cool with that. 

I don't like to read that much. My sister does the reading, I do the gaming. But my parents make me read. I read my sister's work, go read them, they're funny. You might heard of her. Her username is @RubixCube89201.

I like playing video games, obviously. Minecraft, Mario Bros, Clash of Clans and other stuff. I also like watching Youtube vids of people playing games like WiiRikeToPray, TheRunawayGuys, and KoopaKungFu. Rubix likes watching the vids with me. I like science and math, but I don't like school. I mean, who does?

That's it about me. Unless you want to know that my sister made me make an account and our parents sided with her. Other than that... that's all.

Okay, bye.
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