. New day, new BL book
. Please let this book have smut, maybe ?
^ ^ ^
That's not me that's Patricia 💀

. You're here because of my comments, obviously. I know they're shameless, most of the time. Don't judge me or judge me idc💀

. "Oh Bukowski I did weep" list is heartbreaking. You've been warned.

"Everybody is a little bit gay"
_Harry Styles.

. Wattpad is a cult, okey ?

. Constantly living in the fear of running out of good bxb books.

.Humanity ain't perfect but Harry Styles is.

How it started :
1: Had the app just to support a friend's writing
2: Quarantine happened...got bored ..opened the app ..saw the LGBTQ+ section ..got curious.
3: Read "All you need is me"
4: Wait what !!! Why do I like this so much...I want more.
5: Reads more silently..
6: feels like commenting ...
7: Creates this account
8: Goes crazy ...addicted....can't stop reading nor commenting.

Random shit about me:
• I'm 20 (kinda have a midlife crisis tho)
• Sweater weather ✨😌
• A taurus (damn u if u think all we got is stubbornness and loving food)
• Favorite artists: Lana Del Rey, the Weekend, Finneas, Arctic Monkeys, Two Feet, the Neighborhood, 1975, Nicki Minaj.
Favorite movies: Interstellar, Her, Julie&Julia.
Favorite TV shows: GOT, The Office, Anne with an E.
• A night Owl
• Winter, books, movies,
music, kinks, besties make my life bearable.
• Master of procrastination.
• Larry and Brady are MY FAVORITE COUPLE EVER (someone write a good story about them.. 👀)
• Can't believe I used to hate tiktok.

Did u read this?😳
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Royal_Wetness Royal_Wetness Mar 03, 2021 09:05PM
800 people are following my account for the smutty books :) the amount of sins I'm collecting here is crazy lol. Anything for the bxb though. I appreciate all of you perverts and especially @navsmit...
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