Good day to you, what's the story? What's the craic? What's new with you? 
Just your friendly everyday asocial hermit bookworm of a highschool student here.

Thank you for clicking on my page, this shall be where I come to escape the dull mundane world that surrounds everyday life for the wonderful land of fiction. If I had to choose a favourite genre I would have to say fantasy or paranormal but I quite fancy a large selection of novels and genres. Though anything with magic tends to catch my attention the quickest, got a soft spot for magical shiny things.

Well I'm here I plan on reading some great stories and hopefully putting up 1 or 2 of my own in return. I have the ideas floating round my head but sitting down and writing it out is very hard to do, I'd rather someone else read my mind and wrote it perfectly. Unfortunately that's not a thing... yet.

I'm looking forward to meeting a wide range of people and reading some interesting novels. I apologize if I seem a bit hyper or eccentric at times, I'm practically on a constant tea high. I'm probably 86.423% tea at this point.

Some things I enjoy; Supernatural, Doctor Who, Genetics, Bioengineering, Sherlock, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Fable haven, Tea, Marvel, Folk Lore, ect.

Sorry for rambling but thank you for sitting through it. May you have a great day and some good luck.
  • Drinking a nice cuppa at the temperature of Hell , which is incidentally where I'm from.
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