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          im sorry if im taking your time
          would you mind if i ask you to translate your book?
          ill write your name and this original book at the end of each part and tag you 


@nisuow I don’t think this account is in use, the fanfic was written almost then years ago


Hi i do wattpad reiviews on Instagram and I wanted to do one on your book 
          I would love to tag you in that can you send me your Instagram username? 


thank you so much for writing this masterpiece


I come back to this fic and read the ending when I want an emotional cry! The ending is not sad...but it is a little! This story is amazing! I just want to know what did zayn's letter said! WHAT DID IT SAY? I WILL LEAVE WITH THIS QUESTION FOREVER...


For those who's asking if it has happy or sad ending. It has happy ending if u don't read epilogue <3 hope it helped. Even I haven't read the epilogue cause I'm scared as my friends told it's too sad 


Hello! For people who do not know how to read this story in their language, I leave the following steps:
          1) You have to get into Wattpad for a computer
          2) You have to change the language of Wattpad to English.
          3) I don't know if everything works out, but Google usually gives you an option to translate the page themselves, it usually appears at the top in a corner. Press where your language comes out and it already translates itself and you can read it in your language. If you have doubts, send me a message with all the confidence and I will explain you better. Xx


Or the deleted links are in the comment just scroll down to the beginning of the paragraphs and read lol


@ littleshitLT  i luv u thank u


Thank you so much 
          Room 317 was my first fic and its really special to me. 


Hi sorry I’m a little late but I read a lot of recommendations about this book. I’m a larrie but tbh I’m scared of sad / heartbreak ffs cuz I cry for hours and hours lol and I read it’s really sad . Would you recommend reading it? Or will I cry for days Lol all the love