I know this account isn't really active but I'm doing this anyway. I am an aspiring author, starting on Wattpad and am hoping to have a book either published in real life or become successful on Wattpad. I have written many novels, none of which are posted on Wattpad, but I am writing a Wattpad novel for the first time now. It is a post apocalyptic one called Contaminated, and I would really love it if you could mentor me to improve my writing.
          I love the way you write. It's like you have your own special writing 'voice'. I especially love Cassie's (from The 5th Wave) quote, 'If this is humanity's last war, then I am the battlefield.'
          Many regards,


You're my favorite author and I really admire your works! I own the paperbacks of every book of yours I could find. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration. The 5th Wave was absolutely sensational, and just an amazing story and plotline. I was a huge fan of the books and I was so excited when the I heard it was being made into a movie! Thank you so much.


You're The best Author ever.Love your Works


The delayed answer to the many questions posted by fans herein, is that the original author is named Rick Yancey.  Both he, & the guest authors which are posted under the @5thWaveMovie account, became inactive some time after the movie premiered in theaters.  The original book, as well as these guest authored novellas written exclusively for the movie promotion, are all excellent stories.  Available here on Wattpad (abandoned after the movie).  
          The 2nd main book is on Wattpad under Rick Yancey's account name, but abandoned without further notice by the original author.  This may be due to the heavy criticism of the movie, storyline, and faulty reimagining of the movie's Directors.  The same Directors that seriously botched the vision of the book written by Yancey.  
          If I was the writer of such a grand vision, one that was HEAVILY hyped all across the internet for the year running up to release, and having it flop because some idiot Directors could not shoot my vision (even with my advice)...I would probably take a similar hiatus from that same internet as well.  No joke.  
          Then again, Yancey has thousands++ of fans just from the stories alone.  This Wattpad account was mainly for promotional purposes, so author replies are not likely to happen.  It was crushing to all of us that the cuts made by the Directors really chopped up the original storyline too much to effectively pass Reviewer (and fan) critique.  
          Personally, I liked the movie only because I had read the original + novellas here on Wattpad first, and was proud that Yancey had a chance to showcase such a wonderfully fresh variation of the alien invasion theme on the big screen.  If I had seen the movie first, I would have thought it had more of a made-for-TV feel to it.  Again, the fault of the Directors.  Enjoy this humble review, and the stories linked to The 5th Wave.  :)
          (Missed the movie-linked guest authored novellas? Hop over to the @5thWaveMovie account here on Wattpad!)


to hug him so tight like a snake, for killing Cassie because damn 


@ShayDurand2101 From what I know she does not die. I am halfway through The Last Star, and she hasn't died


@John_Schorwinson I haven't even read the second book please tell me she does not die


            I am almost finished with infinte sea!!!!