your bio is nothing but the truth


          Sorry to disturb you, but I have something to share with you!( ꈍᴗꈍ)
          I'm currently writing a fanfic named Promise. It's a Jungkook (from bts) fanfiction.^^
          I've just posted chapter 15 B, could you please give it a try? It would really mean a lot to me.❤️
          The chapters are short, so it'll take less of your time too!。◕‿◕。

          Thankyou soo much already!!❤️


-أرأيت النجُوم؟


-كِلاهُما تبرقُ كبريق عينيك كجمالُ بسمتك ألتي تختمُ أوصافُ الجمال .


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          لا تبالغ في تقديم التنازلات، فمع الوقت تصبح هذه التنازلات واجبات مفروضة عليك ولا سيما إذا كنت تقدمها لمن لا يستحقها أو يقدرها,,
           #مساء التين و الكرز


          "Our greatest responsibility is to believe and love ourselves and know that we are enough."
          You alone are enough to make big changes and you don't have to prove that to anyone =) 
          Do smile and love yourself ❤❤
          Take care <33333