I'm Rynn, or Reyen or whatever you wish to call me. Anyways, I came back after about a year of being gone, since I got bored with no wattpad to surf through. I've done a lot with my writing style though, so its great!

I am a Hetalian, but I swear I'm not insane! Though I have a weird sense of humor. Please note that some of my stories have angst, because...I'm just good at writing that stuff, but I'll have happy stuff as well. Please...and this is important..please do not get mad at me for which pairings I like and dislike, don't like, don't read, so please don't hate!

I enjoy talking to people, always have. I love to learn, I know many languages (but I'm not good at talking in those languages) Anyways, I play Violin and Trombone, I write and I draw. That basically it! So yeah~
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