The red haired Lieutenant fiercely beated the block of wood in front of him until it was reduced to a pile of splinters.  He roared. "finally!!!" After the long hard training he sat down, his Zanpakuto shifting back into their Soul form. 

"Watch it Saru." The Snake boy growled to the other big breasted woman, covered in green fur.

"I'll sit where I want Hebi!" She sat on top of him, squishing the white snake boy to a pancake.

"OI!!" Hebi hissed and they started wrestling. "YOU FATTY!"

"NAI!!" Saru slapped him over again. "DANCING TOOTHPICK!"

"Stop it, you guys!!" Renji dropped a sweat.

But nothing could stop them. Well, not like it mattered. This happened daily.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!" Their voices rang in the air.
Hey-o! I'm Renji Abarai! Lieutenant of the Sixth division!

Name: Renji Abarai

Age: well I'm over 200! But in looks, I'd say mid twenties!

Partner: Captain Byakuya Kuchiki

Zanpakuto: Zabimaru

Birthday: (very important) August 31st

Height: 6'2

Weight: 172 lbs

Bankai: Soo Zabimaru

New Bankai: Souou Zabimaru

People in my Life:

@InsanityBlade My best friend > < she is like Rukia to me ^^

@Ketsueki_Kitsune The person whom I vent out to! It's only right if Toshiro's his .___.

@Jennzi_Magimachi I'm a little wary bout this guy, but he's still a great friend.

Do you wanna confront me? Call me shit? Go ahead, if you wanna see hell.

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Everything here is so weird and extremely foreign now.
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