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You can call me Cecil. *+.•☆
[Oak's sweetheart forever 7/14/18]
[Lest's sweetheart forever 10/18/18]

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I'm gay and frustrated

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If you ever want to talk, don't be afraid to pm me, I always should be around if you want to talk.
I might out my friends but that doesn't give you the right to talk shit about them. If I find out you've hurt them I'd make you wish you haven't. Begging for mercy will only make what I do funner.
If you want to roleplay ask for my discord, I'm in many different fandoms so if you want pm me about the fandoms that I'm in.


Thoughts go into how to murder. Thanks.
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RemyStarum RemyStarum Aug 06, 2019 06:21AM
Hey guys, still on my hiatus  but I just wanted to say a few quick things. It's been five months, five longs months since I've said a word. I mean I still talk to people on here but I haven't updated...
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