Hello,can you also upload Lady Lin's First ever journey to immortality thank you so much in advance.


Hi Reader.
          If you take don't take reading request please ignore this message but if you do take would you like to try out my story.
          I have started to write my first book
           "The Dark Side of Obsession". 
          It's based on obsessive love disorder. 
          Do give a read when you have time and please share your feedback.


Thank you for the updates,especially the reincarnation of a business woman. Please when are we getting the next update


Hello im veryy veryy gratefull for your hardworks choUr hihi Thankyouu gor posting offline novels hoping for more god bless❤️


Hey I'm a huge fan of the book Reincarnation of the businesswoman at school, and it's  wonderful. How often do you update them? Is there a schedule?