It’s your day! Your mother is an incredible woman who gave birth to the most beautiful, adventurous, exciting, non predictable, powerful, strong minded, amazing, and hardworking woman in the world. I love you so much mama today is all about you. Celebrating your life is something that I’ll always treasure. I’m so thankful for you woman I can’t say it enough. Everything you do is never gone unnoticed. The family appreciates you and we love you to the moon and back. I’m not even a soft person but for you I’ll always be a big ass baby and only you can see that side of me. I’m so glad I made you mine and I’m soooo glad I met you to begin with. You have changed my life for the better I swear to god you the ONLY person who has my heart. I’d take multiple bullets for you, you deserve the universe and more. I’d never hurt you a day in my life I vowed to keep you safe and love tf outta you and I hold that very close to my heart. Happy birthday baby! I love you mama forever and always! 
                     - Lay ❣️