(:Hello Friends:)
I really like to write…so Here I am…Harro!:3
Some random facts about me are:
1: I am a big fan of Pewdiepie, Nova, and ImmortalXd…and others.. ~Brofist~
2: My favorite games are Hit man, Skyrim, and Saints row..for now…
3: My favorite shows are Psych, The Finder, Bones, Sherlock, Doctor Who, White Collar, and Z nation…there's more but eh.
4: I like goofing off, and singing loudly for no reason…most of the time..
5: I'm a fun loving girl, but do have my rude moments…
6: I fan girl over random people all the time…
7: I scream at my t.v more then real people.
8: my laugh is really random, and just kinda happens. I don't know how to explain it…
9: Pie is bae.

'Maybe it's time for a new kind of Mercy.' ~Murphy
'If I die because you farted. I'm taking you down with me.' ~Doc
'1,055.' ~10K (Tommy)
'Yeah. I'd say I'm happy and sad most days.' ~Walter Sherman
'It's like a genocide of colors. Somewhere a rainbow is weeping.' ~Shawn Spencer
'Fantastic!' ~9th Doctor
'If inconvenient, come anyway. SH' ~Sherlock Holmes
'Every body here gets a humpback whale!' ~Dane Cook
'Jeremy! What did I say about doing demonic sacrifices!' ~Felix

~First Profile~

This Profile is filled with fan fictions based off shows I enjoy, and junk like that.
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Reality_In_Dreaming Reality_In_Dreaming May 24, 2013 07:59AM
@AmazingNataly haha ur amazing but you lied You didnt fan me:( I still lovd you dont worry;)
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