Just to clarify, The Wallflower Mate will continue. 


@RamenLady  thank you so much......


@RamenLady thank uuuuu


@RamenLady will you allow the completed stories to stay? How about those on dreame


Hey I was just wondering if you were gonna put uncontrollable cravings on Amazon as well as art of seduction? They are my favourite and I don't mind buying them but I don't like using dreame. 


Your books are amazing and I love them. I’ve read your previous works and I can say that your writing has improved so much. You are an amazing writer. I’m so sad that you’re taking a break however mental health is important. Take all the time that you need and if you ever feel motivated to write again we will still be here! Take care. Lots of love x


Sad because I soooo love your stories  take your time. Your avid readers are always here.  thank you for the head ups. I hope you will find again the inspiration you needed to continue. Take care and Godbless you. 
          Still and will always be your FAN 


We will miss you terribly because your books are amazing and you are a wonderful author.Don't let anyone make you feel anything less than fabulous.Believe in yourself and in your stories.They bring out in us a lot of emotions and that is very rare for modern books.I hope you will consider self publishing them on amazon maybe but whatever happens take care of yourself and we will be here for you waiting to welcome you back.


Oh my gosh, I'm so sad and so sorry, I hope the inspiration and the confidence to continue writing the beautiful pieces you already do does come back  
          So much love!!!


Stay strong, safe and motivated. You have thousands of readers who love and support you no matter what. Take a break, gather yourself and straighten your crown. You are the storm. 


@Ramen lady,we your fans love your books,even if its still on going
          Don't mind what the haters are saying,if they can't wait,let them write theirs
          More strenght to write dear and you are totally free to take a break


Hi sad to hear you are going for hiatus.but iam happy to have read your books.you are talented n I hope to see you again in near future.will u unpublish yours raven?cos I was hoping to read it after you completed it.i wish you would publish more of your books on kindle.waiting for you, with lots of love n best wishes .


You can't satisfy everyone in this planet especially in this lockdown time. So I'll wait for your writings even if it takes a whole corona time for you. AND YOUR CLAIM SERIES ARE SUPERB ENJOYABLE. I'm glad that you are almost finish writing wild claim but sad too because you're not going to finish it. I hoped that you will not take down your stories even they are on going. But it's cool if you want to. LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING MORE!


Honestly self care is so important I love reading your books but take your time on getting better first. Negative emotions are to easily spread now a days and it is always important to take care of your self first