Hi to every reader of Cloud 69. I hope if any of you are in despair about where the story is, you find this. I have unfortunately made the decision to permanently take down cloud 69. I may in the future rewrite the story, along with others. However, as of right now, Cloud 69 will not be coming back. I am sorry to all of you whom I have left down. If I do bring back the story, I want it to be a true reflection of my writing and what I wanted for the story. As I published more and more chapters, I felt as though I was valuing quantity over quality and got lost in the demand to write in a timely manner. Unfortunately, writing could never be my top priority and was often pushed to the side. I felt as though I was losing the true meaning of what the story was to be about. I hope to bring the story back in the future, but I need to first get in the right headspace about the story first. 
Thank you all for understanding
Kisses, Lyss <3
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