I need a glass of water after reading back my own update LOL


Or cold shower ... omfg!! The suspense is killing me...


Hey just finished the story black tie event and it was amazing i was wondering if the story has a cast list for the characters?(sorry about my English it's not my first language)


Hi Railene! I love how you manage to move people by your words. I'm reading comments here and it's kind of funny how some of them using words that isn't necessary for a daily English speaking. Haha thanks and I hope your safe there.


If you ever think about really publishing your books, please let us know, because I would like to buy them and have them forever not just as long as I have this horrible app. 


hello! I have been reading and re-reading your stories (especially “Blues”) and I actually cannot get over how eloquent you are. Your words somehow manage to make me believe that I am right alongside the characters, anticipating every new word they might say. Thank you for your magnificent contributions to the literary world and I hope you’re doing well! :)


Do you write anywhere else Rai because wattpad sucks and it doesn't deserve you and I'm SO BORED


Hey Railene. I must say your books are one of the best on here. You write amazingly well and beautifully structured. I love all you books and i love you in particular. I hope you're doing fine wherever you are. We miss your presence here, Railene. Xoxo^^


A sequel to Conflict of Interest plsssssssss. I love the story too much. How can I move on from that? That is my most favorite book I have ever read my entire life. 


Hi, first of all I'd like to say that I really really love all your stories especially Black Tie and Conflict of Interest and I want to ask if you will maybe consider writing another book about them? I'm very much hooked about their story, I'd like to know and imagine their life after being together in your point of view. Yours will be much much better than my imagination. Please do consider pls plssss. Thank you and I love you.