So many people ask if I'm really here on Wattpad. The answer is yes. I check in all the time. Hope you enjoy Chapter One from the new Fear Street book, available April 7.


@RL_Stine I am so shocked right now! R.L STINE HAS WATTPAD! Why didn't anyone tell me?


@RL_Stine I grew up reading goosebumps since I was 5 I have loved your books


@RL_Stine I Love your books to the core. XOXO


Hello Mr. Stine I love the way you add suspense to your story! Only if I could get some tips..I love mysteries but haven't tried writing one


I can't believe you're here on wattpad! I've read a lot of your books during high school days. I remembered how hooked I was with goosebumps and fear street. You're one of the reasons i got addicted to reading. And I'll always be grateful ❤️


I have read quiet a few of your books Mr. Stine, and it makes me even more happier to actually have you on Wattpad! And I'm a big fan of your works, especially my mom ever since she was little.
          (P.s. how did you get so good at writing books like horror? Or what started all of this? Like what made you want to write books for millions upon millions of people?)