Hey I'm sorry for dropping this here but would you like to take a look at my new book FACADE it's a tae FF. I hope you enjoy reading it and leave few words behind ♥️
          Thanks once again ♥️ take care ♥️

          if you're interested in reading a new supernatural, Comedy romance love story book. my friend published one pls go check out this book and please give your thoughts on her story, she'd appreciate that I hope you'd find it interesting. If you can also follow her and vote:)
          I purple u


Hello! I noticed youre a fellow taekook shipper in one of the books I read uwu If you're interested in reading another taekook fic, my friend just wrote a new one! uwu hope you like it! 
          NOTE: if you don't like posts like these please delete or mute me instead of being rude thank you ❤ 
          Have a nice day/night ❤ 


Sure I will definitely read it 
            Thank you ❤️