Thanks for the follow, love.


Thank you so much for actively reading and voting on Enhancement! I appreciate it so much beyond words :) Just know that I'm so incredibly thankful!
          In the meantime if you’re interested, I started a brand-new short story. It’s for  a contest, but I’d love to see your thoughts and opinions :)
          Thanks so much! And P.S: Your bio is on point! I love it so much! Plus throw in that spectacular username, and you've got it made :)


Hi Bea, 
          I just wanted to come by, and thank you for the follow! I hope your day is wonderful in every way it can be. xx
          ~ Corlaya


Hey there! Thanks so much for your votes on Silver! Really appreciate it ... Gorgeous profile, by the way!


Hello, thank you so much for your votes on 'The Forgotten Rose' I really appreciate you taking time to read my updates and leave me a vote when you're done. Thanks again.
          Catherine x


          Okay, so I was wondering—if it's not much to ask—if y'all could check out my new story [Bluebird].
          It's short so it won't be a long read if you do. You don't have to vote or anything (although it would be appreciated) but, I would love to know what you think.
          Your friend/ follower/ wateva,