Hi! Welcome to: The Cunt of all Cunts. I write what I know.... 

Love, drugs, sex, art, violence and music.

I like to twist reality and combine different universes. Eventually you'll get some REAL original shit from me. I'm just a little shy rn.

I do rewrite recorded songs to fit my stories. Credit to all the actual artists. You ask, I'll tell.

I also steal pictures from the internet and my sweet @southsidequeenie manipulates them with me 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Her's are tagged mine are watermarked by Google Play.

Basically, I do wtf I want.... And Idc.

The best advice I was ever given... "Write for yourself. No one else and NEVER for money"

So I do. I write for myself but....... a vote is A VOTE (😱) AND SHOULD you enjoy the chapter, it would be a much appreciated drop and make a gal feel inspired ❤ If not... Ya suck to suck, RICHARD 😉 Either way.... Ya keep reeeeeading sooooo... That makes you a bigger DICK and I'd like you to stop reading. I'm tired of random inputs from readers who don't follow me. Haven't added me. Or think that they can randomly pop with an "I don't like Luna RN." ..... Guess what, Bitch, IDGAF.... If you interacted, I WOULD. COMPLETELY. But YOU DON'T SO... FUCK YOU 😄 I am so over this whole Ghost Reading Judgmental ass bullshit. KEY WORDS BEING GHOST. READERS. GO AWAY.

If you'd like to interact, comment, suggest a scene you have in mind... Please do ❤️ OTHERWISE FUUUUUCK OFF. You don't deserve the privilege of my story if you are not going to recognize it.

Should you choose to engage... Welcome To and Enjoy: The Journey Through My Fucked Up Mind. Ya CHEAP Bastards.

KNOW that I call you cheap Cause I know you'll keep reading REGARDLESS. Votes or not. FUCKING Assholes 🖕😈💋
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R3b3lgrrrrrrl R3b3lgrrrrrrl Jul 14, 2020 08:27PM
I won't be posting for a moment because I need to focus on my mental health. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm leaving you hanging; I promise I will finish the story. Wish me luck ❤️
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