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Title: Monteverde Academy 
          Author: @pretty_poison_ 
          Blurb: Sixteen year old Verina Theron had it all- she was rich, pretty and smart. But when she embarked on a summer road trip with her friend Bianca things don't go exactly as she planned... 
          Now, Verina is attending her fifth year at Monteverde Academy, determined to forget her past and have fun. But life isn't as rosy anymore- Her father is ashamed of her and thinks she has let down the name of their noble Carthan vampire clan and she has lost the urge to feed.
          To top it all off, a vampire hunter is on the loose, having awakened from his ancient slumber. This is a school year full of chaos, betrayal, confusion, friendship, love and danger. 
          Verina tries to survive this year, while her past threatens to catch up with her. Will she able to tell the difference between friend and foe and confront her past? Will she do the right thing or will she listen to her heart? 
          Chapters: 10 (so far) 
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