"I once believed that I was an angel until the demons started whispering for me to come home."

Aye, name's (Val Rose Darkian) Valucard_Valerie Darkian aka Lord Val/Darkian (almost average being; dark/evil/empty being with a mortal/broken heart). King of Devils/Hell. Nocturnal Beast of the Vampires. Vampiric Lord of the Night. Excuse the long intro, it's been a long eternity.


·Pandas/Vampires/Demons (Obsession like you would not believe)
·Anime: LOZ, Naruto, Yuri on Ice, Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins, SAO, MHA, Full Metal Alchemist, AOT, OPM, Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing Ultimate, Inuyasha, Shiki, Akame Ga Kill, One Piece, Fairy Tail, HXH, Parasyte, Castlevania, Sakura Trick
·My cats of the past (R.I.P)
·My Dad/Friends
·World History/Latin/German
·My Homeland
·Metal, Hard Rock/Classical/ Music
·Writin/Readin/Webtoon/ Manga
·The Unusual/Unique
·Asian/World Culture


•Shield Bro: @RiverWormMattie
•Dearest M'Lady: @KaisFury
•Fav: @Rin_Hirayama18
·Wattpad Fam: @Ding1989 @Lil_Bitch_Boy


·Paranoid =_=
·Supernatural/Alien Believer. 👻👽
·Emotionally/Mentally Unstable
·Fear of loss
·Old Fashion
·Lil' Killer.🔪
·Gamer 4life! Minecraft/Skyrim!!
·Taken: Lost.
·×Pan×/Demiboy-Genderqueer/Bdsm/Poly/Romantic Switch.
·LGBTQ+ 🌈(🖕Haters🖕)
•Demon/Vampire Hybrid
·Atheist/Satanist 😈

-MY ONLY FUCKIN' KING/MASTER= Alucard (Hellsing), Dracula/Alucard (Castlevania).
-Secret Crushes = Darkiplier/Alastor/Angel Dust.
-Babybois = Cicero/Creek/Levi/Traffy Law!
#Short tempered.
#Anger/Trust issues.
#Truly insane.
#Filled With Weakness.
#Life's cruel.
#Born Female.
#Book/Blood Lover.
#Eternal Writer.

❤Dark Devil the Sinner❤
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