Hi everyone, I'm still alive. 
          	I feel really bad about how I've pretty much abandoned this site, my books, and all of you. My life is so hectic at the moment. I'm in school full time, working nearly full time, trying not to die of exhaustion, etc. 
          	But I miss writing so much, I really do. I was so excited to start Sammy's story and I left it behind so easily. I apologize for that. I've realized I'm not good at juggling my wants and needs when it comes to what to do. So I came up with a new schedule and I'm hoping itll work out. 
          	I promise an update is gonna come soon guys, I haven't forgotten about you or my babies. Thank you guys so much for being patient and sticking with me through my absence, I love y'all!


@PrinceKenzie ❤❤❤ welcome back


omg!! hi, i love, love YOUUU!!


@ PrinceKenzie  ❤


Kindly re publish Errol & Sykes story pls, in another site or drive perhaps? I love their story so much, its my fav book of yours. ❤


this message may be offensive
I read in the comment-section of one of your books that someone reported Errol's story.... will you ever try and publish it again, or at another site? Fuck my life I want to read that one so bad


Same sis ohhhh could she make it a google doc and we could all just read it 


Hi a love all your book ! They are amazing a hope you will continue to write, a will love to read more story about Wynter and Carver or Sora and Jedi. Also a love you idea that every werewolf has a wolf inside him. 
          You inspired me to write me owns story and i will like to bored your idea about the wolf. But only if you agreed. 
          I hope you continue to write and thanks for the story.
          Ps: Sorry for the mistaken, english is not my first language.