"I will smile, and it will be believable."

Looks like you found meh!!

Merhaba!! ♥️
Well a very big hello Stranger!!
Welcome to my profile :)

Currently : #rr my favourites!!! Cause after all they are favourites! 😂♥️😭

I am a 15 year Virgo girl with a passion of too many things in life...
Like way too many....

At times I can be found too much on Wattpad and sometimes barely on Wattpad. It depends on what's happening in my life.

I love reading romance novels cause afterall those are things which never happen in my life. Do they in yours?
I love the werewolf genre because why not? I love vampires even because who won't love Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert? #Delena :) ;)

I am a very very very big Turkish Drama fan!!!! They are ones that are keeping me on my toes nowadays.
I used to even watch Korean drama and I still do but not that much but yaa...
Lastly I was once a fan of hindi tv serials but that left as I grew up! :/
I loved the one and only Pakistani show I ever watched and that was "Suno Chanda".

A big shadowhunters fan!!!! I just love #Malec !!! #Clace , the all time favorite!!
I just love Dom and Kat together!! Who won't!!

I even wrote books once and they reached heights but I deleted them later on.
I still get plots in my head but stop halfway and never post them because who ever likes a half story? Definitely not me!

I am a Harry Potter Fan and a Proud Ravenclaw 💙
Okay to get this clear, I just love and love Dramione!!!! I wished them to be endgame but.... 😭❤ #Dramione ❤😭

A very big Marvel Fan. Tony Stark can be said as the Love Of My Life. I love the bond of Tony and Peter!!

If you ever found these things interesting and wanted to chat, I am free for it anytime ;)
New to these and need suggestions, PM anytime ;)

Well that' all I guess?

Thank You for visiting my profile,
Last but not the least,

"I LOVE YOU 3000 ❤"
P.S. this thing still hurts. :/

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