Hey bookworms. I know I have been inactive. I just saw lots of messages and posts about updates. I have been so occupied with my studies that I lost my inspiration. But now trying hard to get back.
          	I have read all so instead of replying one by one I want to apologize and thank you for your kind words that keep me going.
          	Also, thank you for taking time to read my books.
          	Have a Great day/Night.


@PolinaMartinMorgan ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Please please please update soon! I love kanes story so much and I cant wait for an update. Im not sure if its going to be discontinued or not but I would love to know either way!


Plzzzz update or drop a message regarding something about yur plan for  continuing or discountining the book of Kane!!!!!!! 
          Desperately waiting for u to update. 


I just finished crossfire and loved it to beyond... and than I realize you wrote another favorite playing for keeps... your writing makes one feel for the characters - pretty hard to do.
          I never ever write comments ( the actual definition of a silent reader) but I just had to talk you to keep up the great job and to be proud of yourself!!
          Would love to read more of your finished work:)
          Thank you!


I just read the Kingx#2,I definitely love her character.. Such one of the kind and some of anime reference make me fall more into this book


i love Playing for Keeps so much! keep going on Kingx #2 please! and i hope you'll make another story about everyone in the Kingx. lots of love♥