She/her I think, but you can call me whatever you want idc🤌


The only special thing about me is that I have the same zodiac sign as Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson🤪🍄🛁🥸

Also my pfp is supposed to be crying but you can't really see it so just imagine that it's got tears streaming down it's face ok, good 👍

And if you hadn't noticed yet, I'm kinda awkward so that's fun ig🥸🦐

I don't really know what more to say, but I'm supposed to "describe" myself here... so here's some fun facts about me😎

🐞- I'm a 13 y/o disappointment
🦊- I'm norwegian, men eg liker ikkje brunost😔
🦁- I burned off half of my hair when I was 4
🐝- I fucking hate gummy bears, they're disgusting
🐍- my favorite color is green, fitting for the emoji
🐳- I'm terrified of the ocean
🦄- when I was younger I was scared of cheese with holes
🐙- my parents always forget I exist, one time they went to Bergen with my brother and forgot to let me know... ON MY BIRTHDAY!?!! On a Sunday, like what?

k, that's all I could think of
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