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Hi. The name's Anderson. Ayanna Anderson. I'm 12, and a girl, and a weird kid. I absolutely love One Direction, and Dan&Phil. Also including food, music, and art.

This biography is going to take a really sharp turn.

I was a depressed kid. Let's say around 7,8,9. Those years. I would cry in a corner everyday after I get home from school. I would instantly hate anyone who would try to help me with my 'problem'. I would try to choke myself by tying a belt around my neck and pulling it. I didn't do that for nothing though. I was a victim. A victim of bullying. Just because I was 'different' from the others. In art class, all the boys would draw skateboards and tigers, and the girls would draw flowers and kittens; I drew abstract art. At lunch the whole 4th grade would sit at one big table; I would just sit by myself at lunch. My classmates would all say 'I'm weird' or 'I'm creepy'. Just because I wasn't like the others. They throw those harsh insults, but I'd never reply. They told me go f myself. They told me I was worthless trash. They told me to kill myself. Guess what, I tried. But God had a plan for me. And that plan worked. I am now a mentally healthy kid, with everything I could want. I'm still weird. Yes I am. And I am PROUD. I was trying to send a message here, if you couldn't realize. And that message is:

Weird is good. Different is good. Be a leader. Not a follower. Now here's my quote:

"My life's like a game of dodgeball; I may be able to dodge, but I am too weak to throw."

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