Hello All, 
          	I have decided to remove my story "Selling the Pretty Boys Secrets" as I will be working to, within the next few months, rewrite the entire story. I apologize if you were reading this story. With that being said, it was written when I was thirteen, which means it was incredibly outdated,  and filled with plot holes/cringeworthy dialogue. Once again, I have decided to rewrite the entire story. I'm sure it will look very different from the original version when I eventually get around to republishing it. 
          	If you are looking for something else to read, please check out any of my other stories! 


@PeytonNovak  I just finished B.O.S. It was fire.


@PeytonNovak  I hate to agree, but it kinda was. Anyways, I still read it and I have to say I kind of liked that book. Thanks for updating❤️❤️!


@PeytonNovak ah I can't wait to read the updated version !! much love❤️❤️


Hey luvs! Sorry for plugging i just wanted to promote my story. It's all about love on rpw, hope you'll come to visit its chapters and don't forget to vote as well ♡
          Title: Upon the sunset 
          Author :Grace_vyy
          Genre: teen fiction/romcom
          Status: ongoing 
          Story description: Gaia Allegre is an BSEd-English student who is cage by her parents words. She always follow the rules even if it's already crossing the line of her privacy. Until she meet Neo Rhyz from rpw 'role playing world'. A BRP(boy rpier) who will change her life in an instant and will slowly steal her heart.
          Does internet love truly exist in fake world? Or it will only break her heart into a million pieces.


your books are so good, tbos was one of the very first i read here and i absolutely loved it <3


Hi is there any way I can read puck you without using coins? I mean I would use my coins if there's any but my device currently not allow me to have any and it's not available in my country or better yet I don't know how to earn coins for this app so is there any puck you that you upload in other apps like inkitt or something?


@user94687151 you can get coins for free on this app by watching ads