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Commission guidelines!
          	I had a few people contact me about things. So I'm just going to establish a few things for everyone cuz some of y'all I'm convinced are crazy.?
          	1. If you expect me to do a commission of any kind and I don't like the idea or where your going then I am not doing it. Giving me an attitude because I don't like it won't help your case. 
          	2 commissions how it works is simple. I know ALOT about different aspects of BDSM. I can write about quite a few different topics. (I've done full 20 pg papers on these things.) 
          	My average words per chapter are 1250-1750. I will give the first three chapters as courtesy. I write stories in chapters of either 10, 15 or 20 anything more it's difficult. Depending 
          	2. My chapters will not have anything to do with Covid19. These are stressful times for a lot of people. Some people may read my stuff as an escape. 
          	3. Telling me after 10 chapters you want me to rewrite the story as something totally different, is not how it works. We agree on the subject and I give it to you either in incriments or all at once by a certain date.
          	4. Can't believe I have to say this but I'm not big on writing stories about rape.... especially detailed encounters. Just no. If I do write a story about anything of the subject I will have a heavy trigger warning before. Stop asking for that shit. Especially in my own books!!!!!
          	THANKS GUYS!


ar yu a mama/dada?


Hello! Unfortunately I do not share with people anything about my sexuality/kink for personal reasons. If I say I’m a daddy then people will try and challenge that or have me be their dom. If I say I’m a little then people will try and manipulate me. If I say I’m neither then people will say I have no business writing. So I’m a writer lol


Little tries to love again has got to be one of the best books I have ever read. I truly love it and have been in a constant suspense during the last few chapters. I truly hope that you continue on with the story. The way that you mix in the little side with every day life without any effort is just amazing.