Hello :)

+I'm Dana.

+I'm a sophomore at university and I have a low attention span. Fuuuuun.

+I hate swearing but I do it anyways because... I dont know.

+I'm a momma's girl. Just sayin'.

+My friends think my honesty is just plain mean. I beg to differ.

+I love food, I have self control though so I'm not that pig-ish. Okay, I can be a little pig-ish.

+I like the concept of cooking but I suck at it.

+I always like fashion designing dresses for upcoming occasions or events but I've never actually gone through the process of making any of the dresses come to life.

+I sketch and I've been trying to oil point lately.

+I have hidden talents here and there but I don't specialize in any of them.

+I sing a lot and I dance a lot but I'm shit at both. Oops.

+I like buildings. Random.

+Honestly I have some other stories that I'm working on that I haven't put up on wattpad so that later on I could have it all typed out so all I would have to do is update like every week or so. That way I wouldn't be pressured or anything (:

+My friends make fun of me because I'm not the brightest of them all.

+I'm a cat person... I like dogs too though sooo... but cats.

+I like the smell of petrol and permanent markers.

+I admit, I'm a little moody. It all depends on who I spent my day with. I prefer positive people. Obviously.

+Vampires are my guilty pleasure.

+I put 'xx' in my texts, wall posts, everythaaang! Does that mean I indirectly kiss people? Humph.


+ Ask.fm:

+I'm a hyper mofoo!

Kay, Byeeeeeee xx
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@Emeeshell you know what? I actually really like that! Now, I'm already planning a scene in my mind about what they would say to each other and all. Thank you so much! Feel free to inbox me if you th...
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