^ I know i'm not really even a thing anymore, but if you're sick of searching through the LGBT tag when what we really deserve is a category of our own, these people are to. Show your support by following or upvoting and I'm sure it'll be appreciated.


There's been a sudden inflammation in the push for a category again hasn't there? D'you know what prompted it? Ah, takes me back to the early days of slash popularity on wattpad :')


Okay so if anyone here somehow has a download of the second and third book in the your my dream series could you please tell me what happened or at least how it ended bc im literally about crying from the ending in the first book


I just want to say THANK YOU for writing "Your my dream " that book was my dream and I know this might be a bit annoying because the readers might ask this a lot but would you consider writing a sequel or a bonus chapter to the book I want to read the happy ending even though in some books the relationship doesn't work out I understand but this book...has captured my heart  and I want to see the happy ending for those two. I hope you might consider


Sequel to “Your my dream” please! I’m dying to find out what happens next love ya❤️


Fyi it is 6.66 followers right now. 


Hi,okay so I was wondering what happened about the story The Game? I know I'm extremely late,but I saw the description of it on Fallen Star and I really wanted to read it. Did you take it down?


You really need to make a sequel to "Your My Dream". I LOVED the book, but the ending literally made tears stream down my face! 


I've finished reading A Little Bit Of Light though it was breathtaking I worry the outcome of the series. I don't know when you last updated or posted this series, but I respect your mystery behind each passing chapter. Thank you for sharing this series.


Your bio's really cool and deep. I respect your decision to not spill your guts about who you are. I think your nice to. Thank you for  bringing a little clarity to life. I have uploaded one of your books to my library and have started following you. So maybe we can be friends or just those two weird strangers talking through messages. Either way your a real inspiration,keep up the fanominanal work!! Xx


When will the next chapter of Finding Each Other be up? I can't wait for the next one!!!!