So I just watched 116 cal memes for the past 20/30 minutes ... I have a problem T~T


Okay, so I can watch one of my favorite origins characters have a mental breakdown because he was forced to murder someone and block out any emotion whenever I want. But then get board and watch a TikTok about all the old really good Disney shows from when I was a kid and get emotional that there gone. This is why I hate nostalgia with a burning passion.


How to make gourmet guacamole (remake)
          First step: take an ultimate "survivor" and put it in front of a couple of bookshelves
          Second step: Take an ultimate cosplayer and have them bash the "survivor" head open
          Third step: Make the cosplayer frame an ultimate pianist.
          Then BAM you got yourself some gourmet guacamole. Also here is an extra step just for all the hard work your done, and trust me it will lighten your day 
          (BONUS) Fourth step: watch the pianist get hanged in a live execution in front of the entire world, She will also think it's her fault not knowing the truth isn't that just great : )


@Gachagirl123 Thank you for this the final product was amazing uwu


@Gachagirl123 thanks this is really helpful!