"Certified WEIRD and a qualified NERD.
I am an ALIEN from an unknown world.
Continue to visit this place of the CHOSEN
and you'll have my CURSE that cannot be broken."

Hi! Poykun here. Thank you for visiting and I'm glad to meet you!

A little talk about myself?

I'm an architecture student. I love anything that has something to do with ARTS and MUSIC. I am deeply in love with Astronomy, Biology and Mythology. I also cook and bake. I also have this huge heart for food although I look so thin.

I'm friendly. HAHAHAHA!

So if you like to have my daily dose, you can follow me on twitter and facebook as well ( i think the link is somewhere below). I also have my artwork page on facebook : Doodle Galaxy.

Keep on reading guys!
And be a part of my galaxy! ^_^
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