bro i don’t even want to CHECK the comments on yesterday’s chapter. like i KNOW that i lost half of y’all because i suck at explaining my thoughts and this was so pivotal to the plot and just. agh. 


@P-P4L0LA i honestly don’t think anyone was confused (from the looks of the comments i’ve read) besides the mention of ‘the incident’


im very sorry if im being being cringey JSHSH


@P-P4L0LA nahh I don't think you suck at explaining things, besides I believe they will come back eventually so no need to worry much ab it. Anyways, i think you are very strong to continue ur daily updating while going through all of your problems. u dont deserve losing half of us too tho^^ JSHSJDH sorry if my english is weird, english is not my first language plsjsjs


I just got my account back to find out you left you were really my favorite writer ima miss you Paola<3


i miss you so much paola :((((((((


omg i didn’t notice you left until just now, i’m so sorry you feel like your writing is insufficient and that this isn’t a good place for you anymore. as someone who’s been reading rhythm and having it as one of my favorites since march, i’m very saddened to see you feel that way but as an author and reader, myself, i respect your choice and find it smart that you chose to leave. the way this app has erupted into twitter 2.0 where people lie, where people do things that aren’t following rules and respectability, and where people feel scared to even read the comments on their own, great stories. hopefully this will all come to an end shortly and people learn from everyone else’s mistakes so people like you can enjoy this platform once again. 
          i hope you’re safe and doing well <3


miss you :( hope you’re doing well <3


i miss you a lot i loved rhythm and i loved your writing your the one who made me decied to take my scripting to the next level i really wanted to say thank you for that and i hope you have a great life truly.


paolaaa how're uu? miss uu<33


i miss you ;((


hi omg i just checked your page and found out you left. i know you probably won’t see this, but i really want to thank you for making your story <3 it really helped me a lot during the times i felt helpless and lonely, it really did, it was comfort, it made me smile a lot and cured me from boredom, it distracted me from the problems i had, both big and small, that fic kept me sane and happy. i understand that you too have your own life and maybe this isn’t for you, finding your rhythm in life is definitely hard, because im also trying to find mine, and i hope that someday you’ll be able to find it <3 i wish you all the best in life. 


I never even noticed that you left until today :( I hope your doing well Paola, and that you succeed in anything and everything you do. I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm in this world and be content with its melody :) stay safe! <3


this message may be offensive
Dude, I just fucking noticed that you’ve left and I know cause of that you most likely won’t see this but just know I loved you and your story so fucking much dude. They made me so fucking happy. I love you and I hope you do good and become one with yourself <3!!! Stay safe