This is my destiny isn't it to meet you all. Well it looks like we're going to have alot fun together hehe. 

"Now, you will return Ventus to ME."

"So, Venty-Wenty wants to keep sleeping. What am I ever going to do with you?"

"Because I am darkness. And I do stand by your side. I'm the shadow you cast. How much closer can I be?"

"But... Ventus, I did decide who am. You see?"

"What am is darkness."

My loving Rosa: @couerdulight This here is my girlfriend touch her and I promised you that you won't walk out of here alive!

Here's a group of dweebs you have to see.

Venty Wenty: @birth_by_geek_

Aqua a nagging hoe:

Terra a big boy wannabe:

Roxas Venty Wenty twin: @_A_nobody

Xion a puppet girl:

Axel a old nuisance: @nnohitting

Sora the choosen dude:

Riku Second to Sora:

Kairi Damsel in distress:

[Just Darkness]
[A loner]
[Pain giver]
[Mastery of darkness]

[100] ✓
[200] ✓
[300] ✓
[3000] The X blade can be forged!!
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