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Thanks for reading & for adding “silver tongue” to your reading list! Makes my heart so full


Hello luv,
          I know this is too much to ask, but would you consider reading my zayn malik fanfic "fire meets fate" also starring Gigi Hadid and Matthew Daddario? 
          I'd appreciate a lot, if you did.
          here is the synopsis : 
          "love and danger go hand in hand"
          two opposites, one is the king of the night stars and the other enjoys the sunlight.  As they meet, the sky changes it's color, of course, they were destined to be together. ❤

          Have a good day.


HEY EVERYONE! Thank u to everyone who follows and reads my stories! I have a new story out and its called "ocean blue" if u guys could give it a read please? 
          Thank u guys!


I loved our story as well as our love . I was in tears while reading our love. I haven't cried like this in months ... this story had such a deep impact on me that it is hard to even describe . 


Awww thank u!!!!! That means so much! 
            If u wouldnt mind checking out my new story called "ocean blue"?


Hey!havent talked to you in a whole minute but thats what i get for loseing my password i hope to see more of your storys soon! Just wabted to say hey!


Hey!! Lol same here, i also lost my password! How've you been? And thank u! I actually posted a new one called "ocean blue" if u wouldnt mind checking it out