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|About me|
Name~ Heather McNamara
Gender~ Female
Age~ Irrelevant
Relationship status~ Single
Likes~ Veronica
Dislikes~ Heather, heather, JD, Kurt, and Ram
Job~ Unemployed
Favorite activity~

💛~With the people I know...~💛

|About admin|
Name~ Zoe
Gender~ Female
Pronouns~ She/her
Identify as~ Hedgehog
Age~ 12-15
Status~ Single
Sexuality~Lesbian Asexual
Likes~ Friends, and snacks
Dislikes~ Hurtful comments, even if meant as a joke

My other account~ @Green-Sleeves / @ImmaDeadGirlWalking / GetBurnt / @CyanIsACrewmate

That's right, I'm back bitchessssssssss

I don't really role play on here

💛~If I say the wrong thing or wear the wrong outfit, they'll throw me right over the side~💛

|Heathers Family|
Veronica Sawyer~ @v-veronxca
Heather Chandler~
Heather Duke~
Heather McNamara~ @OnALifeBoat
Jason Dean~ @The-X-Men-Lover
Ram Sweeney~
Kurt Kelly~
Betty Finn~
Martha Dunnstock~
Pauline Fleming~

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