I haven't published any stories but my reading lists are full of awesome books, and below is a list of my favourite authors on Wattpadd, so if you're looking for a good book then look no further:

@DanGarrett (gay-fiction)
@theCuppedCake (gay-fiction)
@Snape75 (gay-fiction)
@Fhanth (gay-fiction)
@rotXinXpieces (gay-fiction)
@Syrvat (gay-fiction)
@Galagoogoo (gay-fiction)
@Poetically-Damaged (gay-fiction)
@DoUbLeZone (gay-fiction)
@YurikoHime (lesbian-fiction)
@varzanic (gay-fiction)
@SneezingTurtle (gay-fiction)
@BigNeptune (gay-fiction)
@TheoryKierei (gay-fiction)
@ladydragyn (lgbt-fiction)
@ShadieTree (gay-fiction)
@HecDaevis (gay-fiction)
@vee_ano (lgbt-fiction)
@MaddyRawr10 (gay+lesbian-fiction)
@Hope-Adon (fiction)
@Camlaaarr (lgbt-fiction)
@PrinceKenzie (gay-fiction)
@Xx_LoveMeTender_xX (gay-fiction)
@RoughDraftHero (gay-fiction)

So I'm 19, into horror and thriller books, but I frequent Wattpad to read a cute/steamy romance involving an adorable non-heterosexual couple.

I have a love-hate relationship with stereotypes, clichés and angst and I'm an anime otaku! (OuranHighSchoolHostClub, BlueExorcist, TokyoGhoul and CodeGeass:LelouchOfTheRebellion are my favourite) I love Yaoi+Yuri manga but my favourite non-yaoi/yuri is Berserk!

Series I've seen/am watching:
-Fresh off the Boat-(S5)

I'm also obsessed with AdventureTime, BravestWarriors, DannyPhantom, GravityFalls, RickandMorty, and StevenUniverse (SU is the best and I ship everyone in it!).

If the world ever ends, I hope it's due to Artificial Intelligence taking over or a Zombie Apocalypse... and that's all I have to say really.
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