The Lord of Tides:
Carl (also found on @CAKersey ) is a current English Literature student specializing in all things queer, fantastic, and monstrous. They live with their roommates and their cat, Ophelia. Current projects include Cas in the Closet, The Tale of Terrabula, Songbird, and Smile.

The Lady of Thorns:
Annie (also found on @annie1loves1you ) is studying to become an ELA and science teacher in university and loving all things to do with books and writing. She lives with her girlfriend. Her current projects are Rugged Lace, Annie Loves Writing: Tips and Tricks, and the Beating Hearts saga.

Together, these two are ready to take you on a tale of fantasy with enough twists and surprises to leave the waters disturbed. Do you dare see more?
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Story by The Lord of Tides and the Lady of Thorns
Of Thorns and Tides by OfThornsandTides
Of Thorns and Tides
Ganymede Walton is a Pillar: his life revolves around providing support to Prince Llewyn Mare, second in line...